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With this disease being so unique in how it affects people, I'm just going to take a moment and complain about my own personal pet peeves. I doubt this will be too interesting to most of you so I will not be the least bit offended if you check out now : ). But my biggest problem is my lungs. Things aren't as bad as they were, say, three months ago, but I run out of air pretty quickly -- especially during a conversation. In fact, I often can't finish a simple sentence. It's kind of like the last of the air draining out of a balloon. My mom knows this and we've all been through enough of this together that I'll candidly (though kindly) say I'm simply running out of energy during a phone conversation. But for some reason, that doesn't stop her. And if she's in the mood to really dig in and make sure I'm doing all of the things I should be doing (for my disability, my mortgage, my housework), she'll ask question after question. Sometimes I'll try to field them and sometimes I'll just start doing my wheezing cough in hopes that she gets the message. If worse comes to worse, the infamous "I need to go to the bathroom," gives me a safe and quick exit. I do feel for my mom as we used to talk for hours and now I can last for up to ten minutes but on the flip side, my life is hardly interesting anymore so she's not missing much.

Pet peeve #2 - kind of funny - the mysterious appearing bruises. I know it's due to the prednisone but I often feel like the lady with the purple arms. I am NOT looking forward to summer when I can't hide the bruises quite so easily. Yesterday my son and I were getting in the car and I noticed a big, ugly purple bruise on the back of my hand. As usual, I have no clue where it came from and it doesn't hurt. It's just ugly! I pointed it out to my son with a smirk on my face and said, "another mysterious bruise!" My son, very nonchalantly replies, "maybe you're being attacked from the inside now!" I just thank God they don't tend to show up on my face or I would look like I was being beaten. The fall I took on the ice two weeks ago still shows with these big gashes to my knuckles and elbows. Honestly, it's one thing to feel crummy but to look like a falling-apart zombie is quite another!

Oh well, that's enough complaining. I need to get my bottom off this couch and this laptop off my lap and put the house in order before the boy arrives home. I actually put on makeup today so I want to follow through with the theme of appearing to feel better. And I did leave a lengthy message for my pcp to see if we could formulate a plan of action regarding what doctors I need to make appointments with and if I need to get on medication that might help with the whole lung issue and never-ending fatigue.

Take care and love to all my fellow lupusites!
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  1. Trish Sullivan's Avatar
    Hi Serand,
    I'm Trish, I have just joined the site. I read your pet peave and felt compelled to write back.
    First of all never feel bad about venting it always makes you feel better!!!
    I am not effected in my lungs I can't relate to you in that area but I can imagine it is very limiting. I myself just get so exhausted sometimes that I just feel like someone is pressing me down on the bed in the morning and it is a real battle to get out. I pretty much feel tired the majority of the time. It really sucks!!! I try not let it get me down but you do feel like having a good complain. I'm very lucky that I have a beautiful partner who is very supportive , thoughtful and understanding. He helps me a lot. My Mum has also been absolutely beautiful to me!!
    On the second peeve, that I can totally understand. I have buises on my shins. I worked in Child care and was constantly banging my legs on the low furniture. Bruises started appearing and not going away. I went to get a spot check for skin cancer and he informed me that the bruises on my shins were like tattoos, they weren't going away. I was more devistated about that then finding out that the spot was cancerous (on my neck of all places!!!) and had to be cut out. So now I never wear shorts and hardly go swimming because when I do I get stared at. My Partner has to be careful when we play fight as I can end up with finger marks on my arms.
    So in closing thankyou for my vent and I sympathize and understand.
    One more thing has your stomac been effected? Mine is so bloated at the moment and I have to watch what I eat?

    Warm Regards,
  2. serand4's Avatar
    Oh, my gastro system is a personal hell! When I was a girl/teen, I would starve myself to stay thin and was always hungry. Now if I eat more than 1/2 a cup to a cup of food, I can barely breathe. It's like having an involuntary gastro surgery. But yes, I'm very bloated and I'm often nauseous. I've had 4 (yes, FOUR) colonoscopies in the past two years and I have the clearest colon in the world. My stomach is chopped liver but it's small ulcers so it's not that terrible. When I get in a flare, I'll often throw up a small amount of blood in the process. I'm very sorry about your skin cancer. I will keep you in my prayers.

    PLease take good care and I guess we can just consider our bruises our own personal Lupus tattoos!