bad shopping day

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Decided to take a day for myself and go shopping. Well that didn't last long the lights in the store brought on a red burning face and then here came the headache. Had to get out of there fast. It has got worse since I had to stop the plaquenil for 3 weeks do to ringing in my ears. Need to start it up again ears still ringing I thing it is the lupus making them ring not the med. or they would have sopped after 3 weeks of no meds.I think the red burning on my face is getting worse. I am really worried about the summer comming up here in the AZ desert.
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  1. Nonna's Avatar
    I don't know if the plaq will stop the ringing; I'm taking it and as I type this, I can still hear the universe as I called it when it was a kid. The ringing is a single tone that just continues. Where you wearing sunglasses in the store? That helps ward off headaches from the lighting. We lupies are in trouble as the lighting industry has started to completely convert to thr energy saving flourescents. I spend more time in my room as my son in law buys them.
    It must be hard for you living in AZ; I get heat stoke just driving through that area in the summer.
    Hugs nonna