Just exhausted.

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I have had a terrible time recently. The owners of my home decided to rewire and put a new kitchen in. Everybody said wow think a new kitchen. I went HELP. It has been like moving home but not moving anywhere everything had to be packed and sent into store for a week I had a sofa my telly and my bed while the house was in turmoil around me. Everything is back in the house now. I have emptied the boxes and just about put everything away. I now have to think about redecorating every room. Tell me how it's possible, I am completely exhausted. I have no energy I am tired constantly. How on earth am I going to do this. My last flare up has eased a little but it hasn't left.
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  1. luv1only63's Avatar
    enjoy your new house, but can you explain to me, what is a flare? i have been told i have flares but i feel bad all the time, does it ever end?