Just out of the blue- had a melt down today!!

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It never gets easier. Today was the lowest as far as letting myself cry over pain,just for know reason. Don't like not being somewhat in control. The days take to long. By bed time I'm not able to sleep sound. Had 3 mini-strokes today. While in WalMart. Got home asp. Very limp tonight. Hope I'm making sense. Well I'll say good-night to all my new friends and many more I hope. Bless us all. Donna
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  1. mommaD's Avatar
    Hey you're not alone- I have up to 3-4 mini strokes many days during the week. I had a mini stroke at our Walmart.Thought I was the only one! I start to cry not just for the constant pain from flare ups- fibro acting up. Sleeping is hard to do when we're in that mode. Just have to move on and hope that the next day is better. Momma D