A Robot has to feel better than me

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Been so dragged out. Worse since the holidays. No end in sight. So pale in color. My daughter are in the same boat. Pretty much at the same time. Freaky. So much pain- so little help in my meds. Sure many of you feel the same way. Had to vent out to others know how I feel. Not a pity party here. Please do write if you can.
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  1. tgal's Avatar
    I think this time of the year is hard on all of us. The holidays take it out of us and then we have to recoup. Venting is always helpful and you know that we are here for you. Try to get some rest and take care of yourself!
  2. serand4's Avatar
    It's certainly not a pity party! You're right, the pain can be relentless and I certainly have my share of pain meds but they only work so well. I've considered taking a sleeping pill just to sleep through the day since I can't get relief any other way - but I don't. I guess it's just the ups and downs of these diseases. Today I have energy and a desire to do housework and run errands. Tomorrow I may be in a ball on the couch wishing the day would just end. Tgal is right, this is a tough time of year as we try to recover.

    Take good care and God bless.
  3. mommaD's Avatar
    Still Flaring up big time. Can't shovel for 3 lousy minutes without gasping for air. How much things can chage in 4 years. Not for the better! Death seems like heaven- but can't leave my kids right now, or grandkids. So we hold this all in, til we explode to someone who knows and can relate to how I feel. Thank-you all who care! Bless you all!