Some Normality, Some Insanety

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Overall, it's been an astonishingly great week! I've been lucid and awake - things some people take for granted! I've gone from 30mg of Prednisone to 15mg and it's been surprisingly easy. I'm supposed to be off it sometime soon. I plan to take my time. It's my body and while I'll take your direction, I'm not going to suffer needlessly in the process.

No one is clear on my diagnosis but I've decided to stop worrying about it. I know it's got to be autoimmune. Every morning I have a handful of hair and the cognative dsyfunction has become kind of funny. I needed some forms today so first I have to pull into a parklot to figure out where this place is (my son attended this aftercare for four years!) and then as I'm leaving, I'm at the dreaded fourway with no clue which direction to go! If in doubt, go straight! I finally figured it out and eventually got home. My balance is pretty goofy lately, too. Between my balance and my brain, I must come off as drunk a good percentage of the time!

But I have accomplished more in the past week than in the past several months combined. I'm filing for a home modification and once I get the printer set up, I have one more paper to print out and off it goes. Wish me luck! I've been in this house 20 years. I'd really like to stay.

I hope everyone has recovered from the holidays. I think that was part of my deep depression. That and having no clue exactly what's wrong with my body! Now we have 11 months to deal with life instead of life and the holidays!

Take care, God bless and I hope you are pain free today!
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