Why, with all the meds, do I still hurt?

Why am I taking meds if I still hurt

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Why, with all the meds, do I still hurt?
I have been reading some blogs here and see alot of different things going on. Some people are, like me, have joint pain and fatigue everyday all day. Some people are running marathons. Some people have good days.
Are we all on the same kind of meds? Why is it that I have been taking all these meds (and changing meds) and I find no relief at all. Would I be worst off if I weren't taking any? Do people in remission still take all the meds? And why do they have flare ups with the meds?
I'm just wondering if the meds do anything!
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  1. tgal's Avatar
    Hey Terri,

    This is actually a great post but very few people read the blog section. I think this would make for a wonderful discussion if you would place it in the forums. I can copy it over there so you don't have to re-write it if you want.
  2. terriaw44's Avatar
    That would be great, I wasn't sure where to put it. Thanks!
  3. tgal's Avatar
    You've got it! the best place for any post is in the forum section. Don't worry if you get it in the right section or not. When in doubt just put it in Lauri's lounge!
  4. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    Tough times for you Terri, keep up with taking the meds, you might just feel more miserable if you go off them. Make sure you talk to your doctor about how you are feeling.