Journey to my first half marathon.

New year, new me, Marathon here I come

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I cant believe it, my next scheduled run is only tomorrow, and I cant wait . The after run "haze" as i like to call it, is AMAZING!

By the end of this month i hope to be able to run a mile without stopping

excited! cant wait

I got the gear, proper running shoes , and its me and the open road.
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  1. tgal's Avatar
    Good Luck tomorrow! Enjoy your "haze" and I hope the weather holds out for you
  2. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    Wow that is fantastic. My husband used to be a runner until he did is ankle and Achilles Tendon in. So I know how much hard work needs to be put into all those runs. (Well not personally know, but I have seen my husband work very hard)