Finally feel alive again

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I've certainly read all the horrors that go with Prednisone but after trying to reduce it down to 10mg and forcing myself away from the feelings of suicide 90% of the time, the ever-increasing pain and a fatigue that's one step from death, I realized that my quality of life is far too important to dial down the prednisone because it has side effects. As far as I'm concerned, the side effects of not using it are far more intense. Today is the first day in over a week that I felt like I could get out of bed and run the dishes and do some laundry. These are things I was doing not long ago and I get tired of the newest doctor telling me all of her thoughts and wanting me on her program only to end up feeling 100% worse than I did before.

Anyway, that's just my two cents on the topic. Frankly, when it comes to these mystical autoimmune diseases, there just never seems to be a right answer.
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  1. tgal's Avatar
    So glad you are feeling better! I know the pred has its side effects and can be nasty but I agree about quality of life. Don't make yourself suffer when you don't have to. We love ya too much!
  2. serand4's Avatar
    Thanks tgal! That was one hec of a crash over the past few days. I have a map laid out for next week to be more proactive and try to get to the bottom of some of this. It's the not knowing that just drives us sane women crazy! And, of course, the congnative dysfunction totally knocked me for a loop! Wow, who knew this stuff could start so early!

    Take good care and have a safe and happy New Year. I just know this will be a better year! Love ya, too!
  3. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    I am pleased that you have been able to do a few 'normal' things. But remember, that with successes, you will also have failures. Don't look at the things that you find difficult as failures though, just remember that some days you will be able to do somethings productive.

    At times you may be just taking one hour at a time, and as things get better, take things half a day at a time. Eventually you can take things a day at a time, a few days at a time, a week at a time. I hope you understand what I mean.