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Tired Lupie

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Before the fun even starts ... I'm already tired. I still want to go get wrapping paper and maybe one more thing for my mom and my hubby, but wow.. fatigue has hit me like a ton of bricks today. I hope that I can muster up the strength before it's too late. I hate pushing myself when I know there are things I HAVE to do. I took a therapeutic dose of prednisone and I'm hoping that it will work. I have one more before I need a refill. Ugh. I just miss the good ole days when Christmas was spent with family and not just Lupus. My hubby works for Fedex so he works late during the holidays so i spend a lot of time alone. Next year I'm going to make sure to order my gifts online only so I don't have to get out in the crowded malls and stores. Reflecting on the past year I have learned a lot about energy management.. but I'm still learning.
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