Journey to my first half marathon.

I am Psyched!!!!!!!!!

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So i decided to forgo the initial programme and do a three month training routine aimed at a 5km marathon.
This is week one, and guess what! I can run half a mile!!!!
well almost didnt know i could, may not be much, but that says progress, im even more energetic than ever, hope it lasts
Im well on ,y way to running my first 5km in march!!!!!!

I never did like sports, but i think marathon runner now fits me well
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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    This sounds wonderful, keep us posted on your times so we can celebrate how you are getting faster. Don't forget to take it easy if you are in pain though
  2. predcheeks's Avatar
    i just got so excited for you after reading that..this is what i keep saying i need to do as soon as my next dose of rituxan kicks in! GOOD LUCK!!! keep us updated
  3. Morpheus's Avatar
    Thanks for the motivation fellow lupies