Journey to my first half marathon.

Month2 -- November 2010

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Now this is interesting
3 times a week, I need to run and gradually increase the times i Run and decrease the times I walk.
Not a bad plan!
been doin it for two weeks, walk 2 mins, run 1 minute, week 1, then walk a minute run a minute, week 2.

After week 1 I felt so confident I signed up for the 20km discovery big walk challenge.
Yes! I walked for 20 kms, took me two and a half hours. and despite my initial fears, what if fatigue sets in, what if joints start to ache, what if i get a headache, you know lupie things I had none of the above, had to take a couple extra puffs of inflammide though at the start though.
So a sore leg and 2.5 hours later, I will definitely do it again, the 30 kms next time?
Until next time, run strong.
LOL, figured I'd end with run strong, who knows I mite become a runner.

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  1. Han's Avatar
    This is really inspiring. I have the whole "what if" problem with exercise and being lupy, I'll watch your updates, with interest!