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There are good things too

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As I have read back over what I have told you about myself I realize that I haven't said anything about the good things. Maybe, sometimes, I need to remind myself about the good things. So here it goes:
I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, beautiful, and musically talented. We share a very close relationship that may not have developed so well if I hadn't gotten sick, it brought us closer. I don't lie to her about the realities and she trusts me enough to share everything with me, which I don't think is necessarily par for teenagers.
I have 4 wonderful nieces, the oldest of which is 5 and every time she sees me she lights up and makes my heart smile.
It's fall here which is my favorite season.
My father makes me laugh on a daily basis.
Occasoinally I sneak a real coke with the caffeine intact, it's like a prize after a long fight.
Acts of random kindness.
I recently took my entire family on vacation. I rented the most perfect cabin, with two master bedrooms which each had jacuzzi baths. After a day of site seeing a jacuzzi bath with lots of epsom salt was like heaven. The memory makes me so happy I am thinking of having one installed.
I am sure there are many other things that make my day bright, though of course I am foggy today and can't recall so well. But I just added, one being able to vent into cyber space and have someone get it is definately a new happy moment in my life.
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  1. serand4's Avatar
    You're timing is perfect! I just blogged about the negatives and positives of living with Lupus. Way to stay positive and God bless our families! They do tend to make life worth living!