It's a beautiful Fall day

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I may not be able to go sit in the sun but it sure is nice to open all the windows in the house and smell fresh air and watch the leaves fall from the trees. Naturally, I wish I could be out raking and trimming the tree branches but I just figure that maybe next year I can do a bit more. My son is out with his "Big Brother" doing fun things so I can indulge in a very lazy day. I took a shower and did my makeup and that may be the biggest accomplishments I make today!

Next week I find out if the Lupus has gone into my lungs. Has anyone else dealt with this problem? It appears to be very serious -- like heart/lung transplant serious. That's the extreme but so far things have been very extreme since the Lupus set in. I don't even want to take the test since my chest and breathing have gotten bad again. It will hurt and wear me out and then I have doctor's appts the next two days as well. Maybe my busy schedule will help pep me up!

Hope everyone is doing as well as possible! I keep this crowd in my prayers.
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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    I know this blog is a couple of weeks old now, but what is happening with your lungs? Was the doctor's appointment positive?
  2. SandyR's Avatar
    I had a Big Sister as a kid! We're still very close 22 years later.