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I haven't been out of the house for anything other than doctor's appointments or groceries in well over a month. My poor son, who was accustomed to doing something fun every weekend and running our errands during the evenings when I got home from work, has really had to deal with big changes in our world. It was like I was diagnosed with Lupus in June and it's been one big roller coaster of hospital stays and me being too weak to do much more than just basics ever since. Anyway, I just got out of the hospital this past Monday after throwing up blood and having my blood pressure sky rocket to new heights. By the way, if you're reading this and you've experienced drastic changes in your blood pressure or heart rate, please let me know. My blood pressure has always been low and I was a work out queen until the past couple of years so my heart rate was usually very average so this is very concerning.

Anyway, once out of the hospital I came home and woke up with a raging sinus infection. Praise God it didn't go into my lungs! They're already compromised. SO....finally today I woke up with energy and was able to actually to put on my makeup and do my hair and grab my son and take off for a real lunch out and just do some bumming around. It was pure heaven to sit across my son at a restaurant and catch up and take our time to eat. Our weather was wonderful! Very sunny (I know, not good for our body and my soul needed it today), and Indian Summer day. We went to visit our friends at Petsmart where we volunteered until I got sick. It was so good to see them and of course I love having the kitties crawl all over me. I also got to witness a dog adoption so that's a huge "feel good" moment. It was this adorable black lab puppy meeting a mom and dad and two kiddos under the age of 8. That dog was in heaven! It had obviously been starved in it's previous home and it was very shy but once the kids showed up, the puppy inside burst out and won them over. My heart belongs to animals and watching this just about made it soar. However, by the time we hit our final stop, the grocery store, it was as if my energy had drained out of my feet. I had to stop twice and lean on my son to wait for the dizziness to pass. The sweat began to pour out and my head started to pound. I refused to give up since we needed stuff, we were there and darn it, the Lupus wasn't going to steal my good day.

We made it home, got things unpacked and I had to get out the meds and get to work on the pain and headache. It's been a tough evening but slowly I'm feeling some recovery. It really stinks that the price tag can be so high for what really was simply a normal Saturday for most people. I'm getting over feeling sorry for myself and slowly finding acceptance with this disease but I'm no hero and I have my set backs. But hey, I found the greatest Fall jacket at a resale store today - bright canary yellow -- brand new, brand name and $5.00. Somehow that makes the recovery that much quicker!

Take care all. Let's pray for an energetic, enjoyable and healthy Sunday!
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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    WOW what a fantastic day. I am glad you and your son enjoyed yourself.
  2. slim's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Linda From Australia
    WOW what a fantastic day. I am glad you and your son enjoyed yourself.
    hey linda
    im glad u had a good day with ur son even if it made u ill because for us we have to grab those moments . I dont have lung problems but i did notice like u that my blood pressure has been higher than normal im usually low and my heart rate will be 131 while doing nothing but sitting down im suppose to go back to the cardiologist but im tired of all the doctors appt. hope u feel better ill keep u in my prayers. slim.
  3. SandyR's Avatar
    This post sounds like something I would have said word for word. Except for the son bit, but substitue friend and I'm right there with you. I used to volunteer at a local dog shelter once a week or more and had to give that up this year b/c the air there was killing my already compromised lungs and I was getting at least one sinus infection every month. It was the worst part of this year for me but I knew it wouldn't be fair to volunteer there and only be able to do 1/2 the work of the other volunteers. I really miss my puppies but since I stopped going there in April I have only had 2 sinus infections the rest of the year so I am learning to live with this choice. You are so right in describing the feeling of watching those furbabies leave for their new homes with their new mommies and daddies.