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What are the chances the scale at a doctor's office is innacurate by about 30 pounds?

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No? No Chance? Well then I'm fat. Not just a litle tubby, not big boned, not average, just plain ole overweight. I had no clue. I mean sure my pants didn't fit unless I used a bungee-chord contraption to button them, but I rationalized that as just bloat. Have you ever stepped on the scale then swiftly begun to remove spare articles of clothing? See ya sunglasses, bye bye flip flops, this necklace is probably a pound or so.. right? Well, I can blame whatever article of clothing I want. Nothing is pretty about over 200lbs. This is my biggest. How did I get here? I remember a lot of ice cream, candy, and burgers. The inner child tells me that I was just trying to find comfort and it's not fair that I have to be in pain all the time and ostracized from my family and friends. It's not right, but it is life and I need to stop stuffing my face to make myself feel better. Twizzlers are not an appropriate breakfast. Rice Krispies are not meant to be washed down with a ton of sugar. I don't drink much, I'm not a druggie -- though I've considered it on the bad days, and I'm a generally good person. I thought I deserved the food. But it has only made me feel like crap and look like crap. I left the doctor with a bottle of pills and a lipo-esque shot in my left arm. I stopped to get a big bottle of water. The medicine gave me some energy, but nothing makes me feel good. i'm never REALLY happy anymore. I'm always uncomfortable. Well, hubby's home. I guess I will go tell him about my doctors visit. All I have to say is NO MORE PREDNISONE. It only makes things worse. Bye Bye Lyrica. I'd rather be thin.
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  1. serand4's Avatar
    I started putting on weight really fast after I was put on Prednisone. I started focusing on proteins and fruit (since I love sweets!). I've gotten six of the 15lbs I put on back off. I'd love to be able to exercise but I can't breathe well enough. Baby, take it slow and take it healthy. We have diseases that aren't easily solved and involve drugs that bloat us up. Try to see yourself for the what you really are -- trying to get well!! We can't be super models and well at the same time!
  2. sillylupie's Avatar
    Hehehee - 0%?
    I'm struggling with weight too, at times, I feel too "heavy" to struggle.
    Also, moonface is no fun!!