Makin' me dizzy, my head is spinning...

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Wow, dizzy day today! Everyday is something new! I'm trying really hard to cut down on my pain meds since my pain seems to be more under control right now so maybe that's what's up. I've read that dizzy is part of Lupus so maybe that's it. I've stopped asking and started to just started to accept. Fortunately it's pretty much limited to when I'm walking around so I can still drive and get to all the wonderful Dr.'s appt. I have.

Aside from that, I continue to get stronger and am hoping to start a really simple, low-key work out program. I just hate the muscle tone I've lost over the past year. I add that to all the minor cuts I get just from life that end up looking like I've been hiking through thistles and brush all day and my legs are far from acceptable!

Has anyone had trouble with thrush in their throat. Apparently this is side-effect of Prednisone. Any clue on how to get rid of this? It's really killing me in the breathing and eating department.

Off I go to find something healthy to eat! Take care all!
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