Prednisone Works it's Magic

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In my initial use of it, it produced such magical, miracle help to my Lupus, I couldn't believe it. I had been suffering with fibro for years and really didn't have a true diagnosis of Lupus at that point. All I knew is that once I started taking the Pred, I had energy, less pain and could absolutely see a future with a full time job, working out again (I really do like to exercise!), and getting back to having a family life. As I cut down from the 30mg to the 20mg to the 10mg, I noticed a stark difference in effectiveness. I immediately called my Rheum and asked if I could stay at 20mg as the difference between that and 10mg was so major. I was told "absolutely."

Fast forward a few weeks. The side effects of the Pred start to really set in. I have the weight gain, developed thrush in my esophogus making it terribly hard to breath and eat and my energy level was far from what it had been in the beginning. When I returned to my Rheum, she told me to definitely try to get the dose down. My pcp also had pushed this suggestion. I began to slowly decrease. When I went down from 17mg to 15mg, I had my first true flare up and was literally stuck on the couch. I had an appt. with my Rheum that week and suddenly she and her assistant are telling me not to go down but to go back up. The difference has been really obvious. I'm back at 20mg and now feel like getting up and being human again.

I guess as the Plaquenil gets into my system longer, I may be able to decrease the Pred. dose. I hope so because the side effects are pretty scary. I guess when it comes to diseases, it's all just one big trade off in the drugs. A friend told me that a lot of what I say sounds like the reaction her mom had to chemo. I guess Lupus is just one tough cookie on the body and it takes tough drugs to keep it at bay. Still wish I had that initial energy though! Lord, I felt like my old self that couple of weeks and that's like dangling a cookie in front of a toddler! It's just cruel to remember how it felt to be normal and then have that sucked back out of you.

Regardless, it's still a better day than yesterday so I praise God and think I may get crazy and color my hair red! I can't exactly go paint the town red so this is the next best thing!
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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    WE need some before and after pictures of your red hair. Thankfully my kidney function improved and I didn't need to go on Prednisone, but the way I feel at the moment, I wish I was on it to give me some more energy and to reduce my pain.
  2. serand4's Avatar
    Well, the red turned out to be more auburn but I'm good with it. I had an inch of gray growing in and somethings just have to go! As far as pictures, I'm a bit pudgy now so there will be NO photos in my near future!! It's very good to hear about your kidney function. I'm so praying that I can avoid that issue. My pcp really got in my face (caring, not mean) about taking my Plaquinal regularly and taking the Lupus very seriously. His first concern was renal failure. I don't know what to say regarding the Pred. It's a blessing and a curse. Sometimes the side effects are worth it.