Flare up seems to be improving

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Boy, the past couple of days were really tough. I thought the fibro had been bad with the terrible pain and the IBS and all the medication, but the weakness I suffered over the past few days with the Lupus had to be even more frightening. I laid there one day and thought, "What will I do when my parents pass or my son goes off on his own?" Who will help me? I used to be so active and while my house was never in perfect shape, I could put it in good shape quickly. I made meals and my son and I went out on weekend trips but now I just dread the weekends because I never know what I'll be able to do, even mildly entertaining. He's been great but I'm a mom -- therefore, guilt is natural! I miss being social. I've had to cancel every social get together over the past couple of months due to medical issues. Right now, I'm just counting my blessing that I've spent two weeks out of the hospital. I've had my share of breathing issues, something that came with my blood clots early on in this Lupus, but now I know that anxiety is a huge part of it and to use the Xanex the Dr. gave me regularly as I've been told to. My inhaler helps a bunch too.

So today my son and I are off to do some shopping and grab some burgers and head home for the season premier of Desperate Housewives. In my world, this is a pretty packed day but it will be good to get out! It also is a special understanding that flares come to an end and I can count on that in the future. Time to focus on blessings!
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