Keep on keepin on!

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I managed to really get some things done yesterday and while it took a lot out of me, it's so nice to have a full refridgerator and a semi-clean house. Of course, I as tired as can be today but I knew to expect that. I have a doctor's appointment clear on the other side of the city this afternoon but I've rested this morning and think I can make it.

When I start feeling a little better, like I do today, is when I get lonely. I have this disease can really cause me to isolate. Every plan, and I do mean EVERY plan I've made socially over the past two months has had to be cancelled due to illness. I made a deal with myself not to make any plans until the day before and that's not very considerate to others. I was hoping to set up a get together for my son with his bestfriend this weekend and I hope it works out. My son deserves more than being stuck inside with his mother!
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