Better Day Today

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I feel like I managed to get some things accomplished today and each time that happens, I definitely feel better! I'm battling for disability and of course food stamps. I just can't imagine how people that are much sicker than I am manage to get all the paperwork together and go through the process. It just takes so much to make even a dent! Tomorrow is a day to dedicate to calling all of my state reps for their help in expediting my case. Believe me guys, this really does help. I've been through this process before and lost but this time I have my doctors absolutely telling me not to work and lots more "diseases" to document so it should process this time. Guess that's how it works. Get turned down, work, get really sick, finally get to rest and hopefully get better.

This has been so hard on my son. He's mildly autistic and bipolar and while he's been beautifully stable for four years, the first twelve were a nightmare but everything was all about him. While he was doing better and I was still healthy and working we vacationed and did things almost everyday and definitely every weekend. We loved to camp and take off to Florida and snorkle. We explored almost every site in Missouri (our home state). It's been such a dramatic change, especially over this past few months as the Lupus set in and has progressed. When I'm in the hospital he has to stay with grandma and grandpa -- who we're very close to - but he has to help out over there and go by their schedule. When I get back home I'm usually pretty sick and still very tired so he's kind of in charge at home too. Obviously, our outings are very limited. I may have COPD so our trips to the dog park are almost impossible since it's so dusty and I immediately have breathing problems. I just love my son so much and he's doing everything possible to step up but boy has his life changed! I just pray I can get the disability settled and feel like we can do at least little, tiny outings and find new ways to explore on a more limited basis.

I'm going to try to explore my fellow bloggers and Lupus-sufferers and see what's happening in your world. I need to see how you all are coping. I want to find some friends here and see if I can start making things fit in this new world I'm in.
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