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I'm kind of freaking out over all the purple scars on my body and the sudden dots of blood that appear on my clothes and other items. I'm on blood thinners after another stay in the hospital to prevent a reoccurence of blood clots. Honestly, it's gross to look at! I'm off to the cummidin clinic in about 20 minutes and hopefully I can reduce the amount of the thinner so I stop looking like some weird Halloween costume. I've only been diagnosed with Lupus for about three months but when it showed up, it made quite the entrance! I've had blood clots and now I have thrush throughout my esophogus and my stomach. I thought I was having heart attacks but apparently the thrush causes swelling and the pain. My stomach is hamburger from all of the meds I take for fibro as well as the Lupus. Funny, the only drug that helps, Prednisone, is the one that causes so much trouble! Thank God for Xanax or I'd probably go crazy. I'm now in the process of trying to get social security disability but I'm so tired it's hard to get all of the documentation to my case worker in a timely manner. There's so much to do considering I'm sick enough to be on disability! Well, it's time to get on some real clothes and hit the road. Hopefully blogging will help me process this situation. I think I'm still in denial. I just want to believe I don't really have Lupus but my doctors continue to assure me that's the situation! I know it's not fatal but with all of the crazy stuff that's happened in past few months, I wonder what the future holds. I will definitely be getting all of my affairs in order! I don't have much but I want to make sure my son is cared for if something ever happens. Anyway - off to the clinic I go!
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    I'm sorry to hear you're going through so much all at once. I've never dealt with Lupus or Fibro myself though my grandfather does live with Lupus.
    I believe I may have a resource that can help you with applying for Disability. If you go to you can sign up for a free membership to the Disability Digest. You can get really useful information about applying for Social Security and how to work without loosing your benefits. I am on SSDI myself because I'm totally blind and unemployed. I used this service to help me so maybe this can help you as well. I hope so at least.