Scariest week ever!!

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Hi fellow floridian

I can understand what you mean about a rough week this year is what i call hospital year. Last vist in june had to be wheeled out of my Rheumatologist office to the Er after getting IV because the pain was so great I couldn't move. Prior to that went to the ER for flare up and pain radiating down my left arm which i couldn't move and found out that I
had two disk in my neck that were basically mush and had to have surgery two days later so I wouldn't end up paralyze from the neck down. I was out of commision for 6 weeks
and ill know in October if I am completely healed or if I go back under the knife and this time my neurosurgeon would remove a bone from my hip to replace the titanium i now have. i am currently having a flare up and and muscle spasms from the left side of my neck to my scapula and had to have 3 IM injections from my neck to scapula and today had 500mg of solumedrol and another dose tomorrow. I am usually a hard headed person and won't get treatment until I litteraly can't walk. I have a high tolerance for pain and I am constantly fighting my lupus because I refused to let it beat me. I'll tell you what my Rheumatologist told me "Life is a bitch and it just so happens to be happening to you" I love that because I have a weird since of humor. So I leave you with this yes this is a scary disease but you will get through it take it one flare up at a time and leave the what if at the door their ain't shit we can do about it! FEEL BETTET. SLIM
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  1. wrightrs's Avatar
    Sorry you are going though so much pain. I hope they can help you soon. Praying for you.
  2. slim's Avatar
    Thank you sooo much .I needed to see you just made my day. I am tired in pain and I increased my pred. to try and manage but I am just plain tired of this. My flares are coming too iften and Rheumy says either use new med that came out or take IV chemo for 6 months to counter act my over active immune system. Not looking forward to either choice especially since new med didnt work well on African-american and the side effects are infections, cancer and death. Let me stop venting and thank you again hope you are having a pain free day. Hugs Slim