Feelin alone, depressed n frustrated!

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Hey guys, I know ive told u to be positive n dont give up no matter how u feel but seriously I am reachin rock bottom n fast! I am frustrated with havin to take these damn meds every strikin day! I am drained, weak, can hardly sleep, n recently i started to diet as well as exercise n jus wen ive started to see positive results n regain a little self esteem my world comes crashin down. Now it seems jus walkin on a treadmill for half an hour a day is TOO MUCH for my body to handle!!! For the past few days I am havin severe chest pain directly in the centre of my chest, along with stiffness n pain in my joints n entire body. I am even havin hot flashes! Its like im about to burst into flames n surprisingly im not even havin a fever as my body temperature is normal!!!! How can that be?? Am I losin my mind??? The heat in my body even moves from one place to the next for instance from my back to my chest mainly, and my belly too. I am so emotionally unstable too with panic attacks, n find myself crying almost everyday!! I feel helpless, hopeless n extremely fed up with this disease n the way it makes me feel! No one seems to understand what i am going thru n wen I try to explain it, I myself sound like im crazy! I am only 26, never been pregnant, yet I have hyperprolactinemia n hotflashes!!!!! Its like my body thinks it is not only pregnant but now in menopause too. Wat the hell!!!!
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  1. SandyR's Avatar
    First of all, (((HUGS & PRAYERS))) for you. You are not losing your mind. Your mind is losing control of your body. It is normal to hit the bottom every now and again. You will excersize again when you can. I had such a bad flare last May that I too had to pretty much stop all my excersizing. It was very frustrating to watch the weight creep back on and know that it was from sitting on the couch all night long but I just couldn't physically muster the energy to go out to the gym or go to my dance groups. I could barely keep volunteering to walk the dogs. It sucks. But you have to do what you can do and when you feel better that will be more than when you don't. As for your body's hormone issues right now - have you been to the Gyno for this yet? It sounds like you should have some blood work drawn. I don't want to upset or frighten you, but I want you to know there is someone on this sight who also said they had the symptoms you do and thought they were experiencing menopause before 30 and they went to the doctor and found out that their body was acting like it was in menopause. I think she started hormone therapy for that. Point is, you know your body better than anyone but GOD so if you think something serious is going on, then something seriously is most likely going on. Hopefully a minor thing, but either way, don't wait - get it checked out.
  2. SandyR's Avatar
    BTW - I see you are from Jamaica. I was only there once on a cruise for 1 day - but I think your island is georgeous!!!!
  3. Troy Blair's Avatar
    hey girl your deffinitly not crazy this is a cruel cruel disease, I have really bad flares too..hang in there and you will be in my prayers.

  4. stephanie22's Avatar
    I can relate to everything you are going threw I am 30 years old and have all of your symptoms... The hot flashes are the worst. I just had to go back on 3 medications because I am having a severe flare up... You are not alone I know what you are going threw just remember to take it one day at a time and even though it is hard to stay positive try your best.. Feel Better!
  5. tabathabroaden's Avatar
    Hi there, I wish I could give u a giant hug. I deffinately know where u are. What I would like to say is please hang on there and be as strong as u can. We all here and we understand.