Hard to go through it

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I have had a lot of bad things happen to me in the last 4 years, heart surgery, endometrosis, lupus, stomache issues and a lot of meds to take, like prednisone, arava, blood pressure meds and allergy meds and anti depression meds.
I can get into more detail, but sometimes it is hard to go through all of it again and again. i just want to get better and live a good life, but sometimes the pain and worry of everyday issues keep coming up and it scares me into wanting to stay home, where i am comfortable. Does anyone else feel that way?
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  1. MicRoMediC's Avatar
    I'm a home body all the way. I would rather stay home than go out or spend time with people, I feel like a burden sometimes. This also makes me antisocial and then I get depressed because I have no friends, but I think it's better for my health. I get into a vicious cycle sometimes but oh well, I sometimes can't physically get out of bed for two days. Hope this helps but probably not really, sorry.
  2. sweetkisses's Avatar
    I am not a total home body, but I understand the whole "can't get out of bed" sometimes. We all have our ways of dealing with stuff, and yours is to stay home. Mine is to stay home but maybe have others come to my house then i feel more comfy there.
    Please do not feel that what you said did not not help...anything that is shared is always helpful! Thanks and i hope you feel well soon!
  3. katies got it's Avatar
    Wow you all have said a mouthful. After 2yrs with a dx and just now excepting the fact as I am medically retiring after working my whole life, all I want to do is stay home and hide.