First [Pointless] Blog :) Yay :)

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Well I'm new here and it is awesome to have found a place where people actually understand what I'm going through and also go through it themselves. When I try to talk to those around me about my troubles, I stop after the first sentence when I see their blank stares. Or of course when I get the, "*silence* ..What's Lupus? *blank stare*" response. Oy.
I know I can't blame them for not knowing about the disease but sometimes it gets so tiring to have to repeat my story. I feel like I should be carrying around little pamphlets with me to hand to those who don't know what Lupus is .. so that I don't have to repeat myself all the time and to protect the askers from being strangled by frustrated me.

Okay so having gotten all the negativity off my chest, I shall move on ... :P

Today is a gorgeous day. I am excited to go swimming in the summer and to be able to wear shorts and tank-tops again .. and flip flops (or even better, no shoes at all). But at the same time I dread the fevers and the nausea ... the intensified facial rash ... it's so weird. Last year was my first summer with my lupus really being active so I still feel the joy of summer as most of my summer memories are about times when I was perfectly healthy. Even after all the flare-ups I struggled through last year, it still hasn't really sunk in that summer is no longer something I can really be very happy about. Ah well I always did prefer spring and fall So it's all good.
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  1. sweetkisses's Avatar
    i totally get it. i go through it so much i wished i could use a tape recorder and not have to say it over and over again. then feel like when i do explain it they don't get it at all...so frustrating.