Epilepsy, Narcolepsy and Lupus.

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Hi everyone

I am suspected to have Lupus by my GP but I can't say for sure if it's a 100% diagnosis at this point. I've been doing a lot of research trying to figure out what it all means. I haven't been working for a little less then a year now. At first I thought I was just stressed out (and so did my doc) but then I started to get really awful hot flashes all the time and I lost about 20 pounds. I was getting what I called "Heart Hiccups" that made me cough and feel really weird. I also passed out a few times and was having a lot more seizures then usual, as well as more active sleep paralysis (from the narcolepsy). I was feeling incredibly fatigued, beyond anything I had experienced before. I also had to stop tanning because I would get VERY ill and break out in a red bumpy rash all over. I had a car accident 4 years ago that I broke my pelvis in. Since then I have had pain in my hips and pelvis... but it seems to be getting worse and starting to swell. I also can't stand heat anymore. The slightest amount of heat and I immediately feel like throwing up...and I'm also very sensitive to any movement or lighting. I have experienced other symptoms as well such as swelling in the ankles, legs and feet. Pain in many different joints. My back and neck ALWAYS hurts. Awful awful headaches. and the list goes on.

After getting a test back with elevated liver enzymes my doctor ordered an ANA test.
My ANA titer was 1:160, which I know is low but my doctor was concerned with the mix of symptoms and the test.
I am waiting for my ENA blood panel to come back. Does anyone know anything about this? If it all comes back negative does that mean I'm in the clear? Or does that just mean more tests...?
I am also now scheduled to have an ultrasound on my liver and see a specialist concerning the liver as well as see a rheumatologist. I think it's going to be a couple of months before I even get through half of this.
Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you everyone! And I hope to get to know you all well