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This blog is about my youngest son who is about to turn four in six days. He's such a jokester and I love his little antics. This is about his antics.
When Daniel was a little younger about two years old my father taught him a phrase to say when he gets hurt. "Damn it to hell." Oh boy that was a joy for me. I really didn't want my sweet little boy to be cussing.
It was Sunday morning and we were taking sacrament. Daniel decided to crawl in and out from underneath the pews. Well he bumped his head. In the silence of the sacrament meeting you can his tiny little voice scream "Damn it to hell!!" Oh the embarrassment when I was looking at the snickering from the bishop.
Another antic that I can remember was when Daniel was sitting on his grandfathers lap and his grandpa and him were going through his flash cards. These flash cards were animals. Grandpa pulls out a sheep and says "Daniel is this a horse?" Daniel looks at him and politely replies no it's a sheep. Grandpa still in a teasing mood says "Are you SURE it's not a horse?" Daniel looks at him now like he has completely lost his mind and replies "I'm pretty sure that's a sheep."
I know there's more antics he's pulled but I can't think now. I'm going to have to talk to my husband and post more.
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