house repair is hard work

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I haven't been on for a week. I have been demoliting my house. It was fun when I ripped up the carpet from the hall way to the to the front room. The stains on the floor boards where suprising. I think that happens when you have gone through three dogs, two kids and a husband. I had to stop alot and take my albuterol/steriod treatments because I would end up gasping for air due to the dirt. The fun thing was escaping to the grage and staining the kick boards. I could be in my own world with out my hands hurting, turning red or underneath my fingernails going purple. (all I used was a rag and a light hand.) Now the hardwood floors are put down with ALL my familys help. The minnor aches and pains, the tired feeling, the lung spams and all of the uber griping from me was worth it. It's beautiful. It only took three days.
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