Swelling & forgetful

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I'm swelling so bad. When I've had this in the past the doctor just tells be to double up on my Lasix. So I going to try that. It's so bad can't wear my shoes. Glad the weathers is warm so I can wear flip flops. One of my hands are purple. I also have big red rings around my legs. Trying to keep my legs up. I'm also very foggy. Maybe my brain is swelling too lol!!!
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  1. Peppy's Avatar
    Hello wrightrs,

    Sorry that you are having difficulties. At least you have warm weather on your side (or is that another one of our enemies?) I live in New York and had to go to Florida at the end of Feb. for work and I have not been the same sense returning home. My doc told me the Lupus is in my brain and the memory is my biggest complaint (that is if I remember that it bothers me...lol).

    Hang in there...that is all we can do and hope for a cure to this incidious disease!