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Well, don't remember where I left off but here goes...
This winter has done a number to me and my body. I have not felt well rested for several months. Nursing school's going well so far, passed my first class-only 7 more to go. Am in physical therapy to help strengthen my neck and lower back from previous injuries and a birth defect in my lower back. Went to rheumy last week and he's done another methylprednisolone pack to see if I get better, I guess we'll go from there when I go back in June. Had really bad food poisoning for the last few days, lost 6 lbs in those three days. Feel weak. Still am only able to keep down small portions of foods. Back to work though. Trooping through the hardest parts and praying a lot. Wishing Lupus had never happened to me but thankful it wasn't worse. Feeling blessed because I have a great man by my side. Anyway I guess that's about all for now. Felt like I was neglecting this site so needed to get on here. Hope everyone's doing better than me. Thoughts and prayers with y'all.
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