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Suspect Lupus????

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Hi Mountaindreamer,

Thanks for answering my question. It is so difficult waiting for a diagnosis, there are days that I actually wonder if there is really anything wrong with me at all. I know the pain is there, and it radiates right through me. I know I have to be patient and wait, but it is sooooo hard. Do you have pain all the time or just sometimes? I have pain almost daily since December 4th, 09. I just started taking Meloxicam and Plaqunil about a month ago. I guess the meds will take a while to take effect. My family doctor is very supportive of me and is willing to meet with me when the pain too bad. My Rheumy is 8 hours away and he wants to see me again in 11 months. I guess I am blessed to have a Rhuemy after all. Ok well thanks again Mountaindreamer, I really appreciate your support.

Be well,
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    we are in the same boat, it took about 2 years before i could get a doctor to say it is lupus. i am taking Meloxicam and Plaqunil as well as a muscle relaxer and about 20 other pills for diabetes, high blood pressure, osteorporisis, sleep apnea, asthma, etc. i am tired of taking so many pills and not feeling better. right now the fatigue has taken over and because i don't look like i am in stage 4 cancer, my associates don't think i am sick. just malingering. had to stop work and being in the house is driving me nuts. taking pill for depression and pills for anxiety. is there an end to the madness