Pulmonary Hypertension & Sleep Apnea

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I go to the pulmonologist early in the morning. Hope I can get up still I can't sleep. I think everything I'm dealing with right now is making me flare. My Moms not doing well. My husbands on a layoff. The referral people at the PCP set up my appointment. I got fussed at because I haven't been keeping my appointments there. But I haven't been going to a lot of my Doctors. I'm swelling a lot. So they think it's my Pulmonary Hypertension and Sleep apnea. I lost a good bit of weight about 2 years ago. But haven't been eating right lately. And gained some back.I been trying to start back on my plan. But it's so hard. I'm having a flare and rashes also. A lot of people with lupus have PH and Sleep Apnea.
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