Infected Skin Ulcer

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Not feeling well. I have rashes no energy, leg pains etc. Don't have time to go to the doctor. Plus the last time I went it didn't go well, because when I called about a problem he told me to see my PCP. I called my PCP and they told me to go to my rheumy. So after going back and forth I got upset. I want to find a new rheumy. But not many here to chose from. But I have this sore on my stomach. He called it a ulcer. It is infected. I took antibiotics. But it's no better. Not sure if it's from Lupus. Doctor said he thinks the rash was from Lupus.
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  1. JamesKnochel's Avatar
    try putting honey on the ulcer. Any kind will help, but raw honey or locally-produced honey are best. There's a kind from New Zealand - manuka honey, iirc - that has the most anti-bacterial action of any honey available.

    -James Knochel
  2. Bonita's Avatar
    My friend has trouble with leg ulcers and she tried honey and it ate even more of her skin away but maybe it will help ou. bonita
  3. wrightrs's Avatar
    Thanks James and Bonita. I appreciate the info.