Taking Most of my Security Deposit

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Hi Everybody,

I am sick and tired of apartment owners taking all or almost all of my Security Deposit
moneys to renovate their old and delapidated apartments, and expecting me, the tenant, to pay for their window coverings, new carpeting, repainting their apartment (especially when it wasn't primed to begin with) etc. I just wrote a two page letter to an owner demanding that he reimburse me for money he virtually stole from me. I am not going to shrink, like a violet, without a fight for the deposit amount I believe I deserve. If I have to go to Small Claims Court, so be it. If I win, I will askfor my court costs to be paid also.

Before this fiasco, the apartment owner in my prior apartment said I didn't have to pay a deposit at all and then he took my deposit money, even though I paid first and last months rent.
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  1. DrinkofWtr's Avatar
    Well I sent the letter to the owner and low and behold he reimbursed me for almost all of my deposit, minus money to clean the apartment, the carpeting, and a prorated painting fee. Will wonders never cease!