Lupus rashes

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Over Christmas I developed a rash on my chest and stomach. It burned like fire. So I called my rheumy. I started calling at 8:30, because that is when they open. There was no answer for 2 hrs. When I finally got though I had to leave a message. When they finely called back they told me to call my PCP. I didn't like it at all. So I call my PCP. They told me to call my rheumy. I told them I already did. They told me if it's a lupus rash I need to see the rheumy. So I called back and told them what they said. So then they told me to come in. I think if I have a lupus problem, the rheumy should see me to document my symptoms. He said he thinks my rash is lupus related. And the rash on my stomach was infected from rubbing it to much. He said if it comes back he want me to the dermatologist for a biopsy. He wrote me a prescription for cream to rub on and a antibiotic
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