sick and tired of being Sick & Tired!

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I am so exhausted, but yet I can't sleep. What's up with that? I am so tired and so sore all the time. It SUCKS THE BIG ONE! It's really hard to think positive when I feel like this nearly every day lately. I want to feel NORMAL, I want to be able to do the things I want to do. I want to be able to GET OUT OF BED! I am really frustrated and depression is kicking my butt! I just want to have more good days then bad days. It just doesn't seem like that happens much anymore. I have absolutley no energy 99% of the time. My joints ache all the time. I feel like death warmed over. I really don't want to feel like this! I have been getting odd new symptoms popping up all the time, which is really frustrating. I just get used to a new symptom and then yet another comes along to deal with. When will there be an END or at least a slowing? I HATE feeling like this!!!!

How am I supposed to live my life, from bed! When I try to get up, it's excruciatingly painful and exhausting. Just to go to bathroom is a chore! It's all I can do right now to get on the computer for a while. It's again after 1 am and again I am not yet sleeping. I didn't wake up till 5 pm yesterday so I probably won't sleep for a few more hours! Tired but can't sleep! WHY? why? WHY? I just want to sleep on a normal human schedule. 10 pm to 8 or 9 am, is that to much to ask? I don't think so! but apparently it is! I really want to go to sleep and I am going to go back and lay down and try again! Just had to rant and rave to myself!
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  1. dsunshine's Avatar
    Awww...i feel for you and know how you feel with the bathroom/bed/tiredness...just everything. About a year ago I was diagnosed and bed ridden for 4 weeks. Yes it sucks the big one...LMAO as you put it so profoundly...I LOVE THAT I HAVE TO USE IT...LOL!!! But it gets day at a time. Hang in there and just know sleep and rest are coming on a normal cycle for you soon...
  2.'s Avatar
    I felt like I wrote that post "sick and tired". All I can say is DITTO$#@^*&
  3. smokerscat94's Avatar
    I am sorry you feel that way to Sheri! It really SUCKS doesn't it? It really is nice to come on here and be able to relate to each others problems, and to know positively that you are not ALONE! This site has been a godsend to me! I don't know what I would do without it! Thank you all so much!