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I just got over asore throat about a week ago, and ended up with another one (The last two this week have only lasted a day or so though. Thank goodness).Then, the pain in my arm subsides for a bit and has come back again.

At the moment, I'm mad at All Childrens for destroying my records from 10 years ago (since I really need them now of all times) . Need them for my doctor. Now I have to go through all the crap again. This time I hope that they test me during a flare so that the tests will be accurate. I need to take an ANA test and get result, not a "yes you have it" or a "no you don't" answer.

Sorry for ranting, but I'm really annoyed at how much paperwork and other 'stuff' you have to go through when switching doctors form 10 years ago.

Have to call All Children's tomorrow (later today) and see if they might have kept the files with them from when I asked last time. This will be fun. NOT. Oh well. Night.

Great. Hardly had any sleep. Elbows are really sore. Originally, I thought it might be from having "ashey" elbows, but it felt like the skin was being pulled off. Never had that happen before and it really hurts.

Wonderful. Several hours later, and my elbows still hurt. Even took a warm showerand it hurt worse. now I am straining my shouldersso that I can type on my arms without relying on my elbows.

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  1. Tampa Pam's Avatar
    Hi Wolfwhisper
    I feel for ya! There's got to be a better way to deal with all the medical records! I've made a couple of moves the past couple of years due to medical problems and it's been nearly a full-time job to keep up with transferring records and setting up new doctors. When I got to Tampa a few months ago, the doctors here won't help at all to get my records. It's been expensive and a royal pain - not to mention we have to do all this crap when we feel worse than crap!
  2. wolfwhisper's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm sorry to hear you're going through the same thing. My doctor told me that I had to sign the release papers, and then told me that the files were destroyed but to come back to see if they had them. Apparently the doctors here are getting a little lazy if yours is doing the same thing to you. I think that's why they have a fax machine? lol. Sorry, had to add the sarcasm. But you'd imagine that they put the files on their computers for the patient's benefit.
  3. wolfwhisper's Avatar
    My elbow ached only a little yesterday, but not bad enough for me to be hindered by it. However, today it hurts to bend the elbow, along with the usual pain of turning the wrist.
  4. wolfwhisper's Avatar
    Wonderful. Two 'mild' flares in two days. I must be lucky or something. Geeze, does it ever stop? Also, my friend told me yesterday that she saw my OCD habits get worse. She said "You've been doing it a lot more than usual. Are your new meds working?" I thought it was kind of wierd at first, but now I find it funny since I just remembered that it might be from when I forgot my meds for about a week. I'm just happy that I haven't hit my head on a wall wrong! lol. Happy New Years Eve!
  5. wolfwhisper's Avatar
    First day of the new year, and already I have a flare in my right leg. Hurts to walk on, and it feels really weak when there is too much weight put on it, so I'm literally limping around the house. Well, at least it will get better soon!
  6. wolfwhisper's Avatar
    Well, I fell asleep on the couch about an hour and a half after my last post. Just woke up and finished my dinner in about 10 minutes. When I woke up, my leg was fine, but now my arm hurts. Oh well, at least it's easier to get around now! lol.