stressed outttt.

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I have so much to think about. I still need to think of colleges and what i want to be, where im gonna go to school, keeping my grades up, the SAT's. And it doesnt help with the drama with friends and family.
Sometimes i just wish that everything would run smoothly for once. Im exhausted. I got 3 hours of sleep last night because i was studying. Sometimes i wish that i could just be a little kid again. It was wayy easier. lol
Sorry i just had to vent.
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  1. wolfwhisper's Avatar
    Happy you vented. It releases your built up stress! If it helps, I go to a community college and it's easier than High School, and it's cheaper than University. I have to transfer schools to go into zoology though. That's the only downside to community colleges. Sometimes you can't go straight to the degree. Hope this helped a little bit with your choice of a school.