New addition to family and GI Doc update

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Hello my dear sweet family! I've missed everyone and kept you all in thoughts and prayers. Have been dealing with migraines still and some new symptoms, but I am hanging in there. The flooding in my area in North Georgia has been pretty bad, but we're okay. No one I know has been affected by it although so many people have. It hasn't flooded in the area like this in ages! Sometimes we lose our dsl because of it, keeping us offline.

The GI doc wants me to have the endoscope procedure in my throat next month on the 20th. He said something about dilation too and uh... I don't like the way that sounds so I'm going to call and ask about that.

He mailed me a copy of a letter that he sent to my pcp! He actually took the time to type out a personalized letter to inform her of what is going on, what he's doing, what he's planning to do, and that he's trying to find a rheumy for me. It was a long letter too. He included a comment about the crappy care I've gotten from that one particular rheumy I saw that was so rotten! lol! It was funny to see that in there. Family and I are still floored by this doctor. That made me feel like he really cares.

He said something I thought worth sharing about GI motility disorders. He said, "Most connective tissue disorders are associated with GI motility disorders, especially esophageal. Painful swallowing, called odynophagia, and difficulty swallowing, called dysphagia, can be related to dismotility. Both Sjogren's and scleroderma are associated with either increased or decreased motility."

I looked it up and Lupus is also associated with dismotility...but we know how so many doctors shy from saying the L word. Even the nice ones.

In the letter, as he did at the visit, he stated that Questran is a crappy drug for IBS. He said it is most likely causing my severe vitamin D deficiency because Questran binds to everything, including medications, calcium, and vitamin D. I hope that is what is causing it. We will see. I can say I don't miss the Questran. He was so sympathetic in his letter, as he was at the visit, about suffering with ibs. He hates that we have to try Librax for the cramping, because it will worsen the dryness problem I've already had for so long, but it's the mildest thing he can think of. So far so good. Questran dries out my already dry sinuses so I'm very relieved the questran is off my list.

I'm sure my pcp appreciates the letter from him. He told her he was happy to meet her and looks foward to working with her. What an awesome doctor! If only he could also be a rheumy! But maybe he can help with that problem. I appreciate that he's simply trying.

Earlier this week we adopted a puppy from the animal shelter. She's a terrier mix and about 4 months old. We'll have a better idea about her age today after her check up with the vet. She tolerated a bath so well! Very easy going and playful. She cracks us up and loves the sound of "Awwwww!" lol. She is very good medicine! A great distraction! Not that Grace isn't also, but doggies have more "action" and are ALWAYS so happy to see you, you know? Grace is an easy going kitty, but sometimes she has that cat attitude of us belonging to her rather than the other way around. KWIM? And when I'm stuck on the couch, I have two companions now with me instead of just one. Pup on one side and Grace on the other. It's precious.

We had planned to someday get a dog but not this soon. We're pleased as punch anyways! It was bittersweet picking her up. It felt great to rescue her from the shelter. She was close to the cut off time for dogs there. She ran out to us as if she knew she belongs to us and has acted like she's part of the family as if she always has been. But it was so hard on the heart to see so many more animals there needing rescue. It's hard to think about even now without tearing up and feeilng so broken hearted for them. It was hard to leave and also great to take the pup out of there. You know?

We had originally planned to buy a full breed someday, but I'm glad we took this path instead. She looks up at us time to time with this look of gratitude that just makes me want to cry. It's like she's saying she's happy to be here... meanwhile we feel privileged that she's now our puppy.

Grace kitty has acted like we expected her to. At first it was, WTH????!!!! But she soon learned to share space with her and still is. It gets better everyday. As long as puppy doesn't bark at her, trying to get her to play, Grace is pretty cool about it. I caught them cuddling on the couch together yesterday. So cute!

We haven't named the pup yet. We're still trying out names. Anyone have any ideas to share? So far we've thought of baby girl, blondie, molly, and daisy.
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  1. abbasgirl's Avatar
    Oh...also...I posted an album with some pics of puppy. It's hard to capture her color for some reason with the camera. If I use a flash she looks reddish. If I don't, she looks like a dull blonde. But she's more of a vibrant color. I need to spend time with the camera more and figure out the flash of these days. lol.
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh wow.Flooding hey.I a glad you are back online and hope the weather gets better for you all soon.

    I will be thinking of you with having that proceedure but you will get through it,we are all here for you.just imagine they may find out whats wrong for sure.Yes this doctor sounds very promising and now hopefully you will get the proper care you so need.
    OMG a puppy yipeeeeeeee.Im so glad Grace has taken to her.Maybe ''HOPE'' for a name? They bring you so much joy i am so glad you have your fury babies.You enjoy their love.I will look at the photos.
    Thinking of you and sending yu strength for the proceedure.Love n hugs Amanda.xxxxxxxx
  3. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    oh aggasgirl, a good dr. and a new is deserve some enjoyment.
  4. SandyR's Avatar
    I am glad to hear that you escaped the flooding. Terrible news about the weather lately.

    I have been on Librax. It's ok. Not great. Definately gave me cotton mouth. I had a 10 pill script and am so bad about using pills that I threw the bottle out less then 1/2 used because, in the long run, I felt that changing to a High Fiber diet in good times and Low Residue in flares was much more effective for me.

    How's it going with the new furbaby? Did she get a name yet? I am glad you got her from the shelter too. I volunteer at a local shelter on Friday nights. If you are on FB, I have an album of puppy pics from my shelter.

    How are you this weekend? What plans do you have? I am home and relaxing this weekend. Have plans to cook and clean tomorrow and meet up with a friend to pup walk on Sunday. I hope you are well and flare free.