Just joined and worried

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Just signed up here.
Having problems with right arm. Hurts more than in the past. The more time that passes, the worse the pain seems to get. Starting to get so bad, that it twinges when I type. It aches to even flex my fingers for the key pad.

Yesterday, I got a massage. I usually feel more relaxed, and my body is pain free. Today though, I woke up to discover both of my shoulder blades hurt. When I got up, I then discovered that my calfs hurt. Before I went to work out at the gym, I tapped part of my arm on a chair, then felt pain. It was only a small section, so I didn't think too much about it. The skin above is very sensitive. It is also on my left arm, in just about the same spot.

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    Got a massage that usually relieves pain. Unfortunatly, my legs hurt when I walk now. It makes no sense.
    Maby I sprained the muscles? It's a good thing that I use the elevator at school.