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No support groups in Portage Wis. for lupus! Glad I found you all today. Now I have people who no what I'm going thru and understand.
I have SLE & discoid, fibro- plus other things. Won't bore you to tears or put you to sleep Hope to hear from some of you. Will be here reading the posts. Hope to visit with alot of you in a short time. God Bless!

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  1. SandyR's Avatar
    Hi & welcome! This is a great site for support, but I think you will reach more people if you go to the New Members Introduce Yourself threads and start a new thread there. The blogs only show the newest blog entry on the main page & the New Member page is checked by more members more frequently. Plus - you wouldn't be boring any of us to tears. We all have a laundry list of undiagnosed and diagnosed symptoms and can identify with you.
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Welcome and so glad you found us.Come to the forum.Write a thread in Louris lounge as not many people pop in here.So please dont think members dont care we so do.
    I am waiting to read everything about you. I have Fibro,IBS,Asthma,Raynards,Sjogrens,acid reflux,asthma and being tested for lupus....i did was have lupus n the doc changed his mind,how stupid...depression,anxiety and what a sexy catch i am NOT!! You will never send me to sleep i have insomnia Come on let us know more about ya.xxxxxx
    Ahhh Sandy already said what i did lol...sorry...hope to hear from you soon.xxxx