I need a new Dr.

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my rheumatologist no longer accepts dc medicaid and the dr. that i was seeing tht does accept it wanted to take me off all my meds despite my history. plus he's very sexist and tells me i'm such a pretty girl like that determines if your ill., and also implies that its psychological. I have had several other drs that agree that i have lupus but its dormant now, but i still have adverse effects: brain fog, sleep problems swelling in feet and hands, they turn bright red! vertigo, and severe fatigue. I'm also married with 4 little boys i was diagnosed in 2004 after i found out i was pregnant with my 3rd child. its cause many problems in my marriage because i've always been sickly and i feel so alone. plus i' a singer/songwriter and published poet and i want so desperately to be a star but my illness hinders me so much at times.
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    GET A NEW DOCTOR!! Oh what a horrid man.One day my dear friend you WILL be a star. Come to the forum n chat when you are next on.We will help you with this.Wow a Mom as well hey..well done you.But keep strong,i care and we will all help you.Post in Lauri's lounge so every one can help you as not many people pop in here.
    Keep strong my friend.
    Love n hugs Amanda.xxxxxx