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Well, well, late night blogging, we meet again.

I should probably be attempting to squeeze in my required twelve hours of sleep, but I can't seem to catch a break. MTX injection days seem to annihilate all hope of catching some shut-eye for me. And sleep is already hard to come by.

Anyway, I think I may be starting to come out of my flare. Keyword: Think. I've been managing to walk around a bit more this week. I even hauled myself off the couch, got dressed and went out see friends, not one, but two days (in a row)! Go me! However, I think I may have gotten a little too excited about my new found energy and mobility and over done it, as I've managed to make myself a tad couch-ridden again. I'm notorious for getting excited, going overboard and forgetting my limitations the instant I feel somewhat better. But it's worth it to feel my age if only for two days at a time.

I'm hoping to be bouncing off the walls with energy next weekend as I'm assisting with the Vancouver Pride Parade and Sunset Beach Festival tear down. I can't even describe how excited I am to help out with the festivities! And then a few weeks later is the Zombie Walk! If anyone on here lives in or near (or can even teleport to) Vancouver I suggest you come out for these events. They're just splenderific, and a good excuse to tell your Lupus to back off for a day and venture out into the great outdoors!

I think that's all I have to ramble about for now, and I think its all my arm wants me to ramble about for now, its looking a little inflamed suddenly.. Blah.

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