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Okay so now they put me on on some form of steriods because my blood platelets r really low. Last night I could not sleep because I was in so much pain. But I am felling a little better. I am really tired though.
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  1. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Oh, I'm so sorry, Viola. I've been wondering about you and how you were doing. Really sorry you're having these problems. I know you're very young and probably don't want to be taking pain medications, but perhaps you and your mom could talk to your doctor and see if there is some form of prescription pain medication for very occasional use, that you could at least take at bedtime, if the pain is really bad. When I was young, age 18 when I was diagnosed, I remember how horrible the pain was at times, especially my hands, wrists and toes and ankles. My family doctor gave me a very mild pain medication to have available when the pain was the worst. Because I really needed my sleep to be able to deal with the rest of what Lupus was throwing at me. Hope you'll start feeling better soon. I'll be praying for you, Viola....and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers, even when you're not here for awhile. Tha't when I pray especially hard. Take care of yourself.....