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My hubby and 2 younger girls were in a car accident last night, every one is ok just some minor injuries, our little one has a compression fracture in her low back, which sounds worse than it it is. She is in a lot of pain, they all hit their knees hard. My hubby is super depressed, he was turning left off of a busy hyway, the light turned yellow so he was turning and a lady hit as he was turning. I think she was going really fast, he said he never even saw her. It completely spun the van around. Our mini van ( that I planned to drive till dead) is totaled. It is all paid off, we had bought it new, and since it is a 2002 windstar, not worth a lot. I do not want a stinkin car payment! Our neighbor who also happens to go to our church is letting us use his car, (which is really nice and new) till we can get something else.
I am so very thankful they were not injured any worse.
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  1. MicRoMediC's Avatar
    glad they weren't hurt badly. hoping for the best.
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh my what a terrible thing to happen.Hope they all heal and ease soon.Such a fright in a car accident and takes time to deal with it.So kind of your neighbour,very rare these days to have a caring neighbour.
    Im thinking of you all.
    Lots of love Amanda.xxxxxxxxxx