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This weekend was amazing! I had so much energy and was ready to do everything and anything!
Saturday I got off of a 24 hour shift and came home and took a shower and Keith and I went to Sargent, (a small town on the water), and took our jet skis and another couple out there. Keith's parents have a house on the water. It was SO beautiful! We spent the day on the water and sitting on the doc in the back yard. It was great to get away.
Then Sunday Keith and I took his mom and dad and brother to lunch at Texas Land and Cattle for Mother's Day. It was a nice lunch and it was great to spend time with family. We then relaxed the rest of the day and caught up on TV shows on TVO.
Monday was back to work, I still had great energy and was ready for anything! I was happy to be at work, (as lame as that sounds), but it was a good day.
Tuesday Keith took his truck into the shop so I had to go pick him up after I got off work and take him to his part time job. Last night we went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It was great and a lot of fun to relax and be social; again, I was feeling great. I started going downhill again last night after I laid in bed. I guess my body said it had enough and everything I've been doing caught up with me. Today was hard. My stomach's upset, it took everything in me to take down all 6 pills I take in the morning. I started gagging and they haven't settled in yet. My joints are hurting a lot and I couldn't get comfortable in bed last night-I got 3 hours of sleep! AHH! I'm starting to feel drained again today, I hope I'm not going back to what I was feeling like early last week...urg. Anyway, back to work tomorrow-maybe I'll feel better by then.
I hope you're having a better day than I am.
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  1. tasha's Avatar
    awww, i'm glad you had such a great weekend! it sounds lovely
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed and also had fun.Just rest as much as possible...the good times will come back/xxxxxx