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So, just needed to unwind. Things at home are great. Keith takes care of me like no other. He surprised me the other day by wearing a purple Lupus support bracelet-big burley homophobic firefighter keith-wears this purple bracelet with a butterfly on it. LOL. Anyway, been under a lot of stress taking a huge national test for work and fixin to start nursing school. My parents just informed me they're getting a divorce (finally) but it's still hard. My body aches. I work 24 hours on and 48 off for work and the last two days I've had off I have done nothing productive. Finally last night pretty late, Keith and I went to IKEA and got a couple pictures to hang around the house but I was so tired. We played cards and a few board games, it keeps me active without being exhausted and I'm glad he understands. My headaches have been getting more frequent lately and my knees hurt so badly. I'm having to watch my fat intake to help my GI tract since my stupid gallbladder came out and this is making me grumpy cuz I'm used to eating whatever, especially on the go at work. My mother and I haven't spoken since my birthday almost a month ago because she's is a control freak and bipolar. I HAVE SO MANY MEDICAL BILLS IT'S RIDICULOUS. I've paid $4600 since January and they're not all paid yet, that's a quarter of my yearly salary! I wish like four thousand bucks would fall out of the sky and land in my lap, it would solve a lot right now. I am looking forward to the end of the month because we are going to Vegas and to Cali to visit my extended family. We were supposed to go to Vegas the day I had my stupid gallbladder out. My boyfriend says that if I have another operation this time he's going without me...he would never but it's funny for him to have that facad. I'm finally getting things done around the house, six months after I move in, to make it look more like a home than a bacchelor pad. I have a follow up with my rheumatologist next week, he'll probably have more bad news for me like renal failure or something else...just add it to the list. I'm kind of depressed and really just need a few friends nearby. Keith's here for me but besides that I don't really have many. Don't get me wrong, this place is great but I really need like physical friends that will go have coffee with me or lunch or just hang out and watch a movie or something. I'm young and have so much to look forward to and want to do so much. It just sucks and I needed to bitch. I guess I feel a little better now. I'm at work now and am on a 48 hour shift, hopefully it won't be very bad, but then I'm back on Saturday for the 4th of July...urg. People do stupid things with a beer and fireworks...
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  1. wrightrs's Avatar
    So sorry about your parents I know thats hard.
    Hope you feel better soon. My sister husbands a firefighter in Charlotte. He's a Captin now. He loves it.