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I was diagnosed originally in November 2008
Then downgraded to something else in December by a Rheumatologist who... well, lets just say the "professional" was not satisfying the analyst within me or making any kind of logical sense -
I moved all of my specialist care elsewhere and established myself with a very nice Rheumatologist that for the most part seems to operate logically and consistently.

Long story - several hospitalizations and a bypass later I went to go see my trusted Rheumatologist told her the Plaquenil was working out great and I had an 80% improvement since my last visit with her and of course the bypass surgery. The visit diagnosis of SLE was on the diagnosis sheet sent to my insurance company and the code is 710.0. I developed some problems in response to the Texas heat so I emailed my Rheumatologist to ask her some questions about current symptoms and some other treatment options for the summertime (its usually very bad time of the year for me - though its the first summer I've been on Plaquenil. She said I had UCTP and I didn't have SLE. Then I went to make sure I wasn't crazy - SLE was the diagnosis she made on the billing sheet -
So I sent her a message - (Ya'll have to understand that I've already had deal with being diagnosed with Lupus twice by this point and had accepted it and moved on) and asked her why she just told me I didn't have SLE but then diagnosed me with SLE to my insurance company.

If you haven't figurd it out by now a diagnosis of SLE to your insurance company can be detrimental. I was happy with UCTD diagnosis as the treatments usually the same and its kinder to your health insurance. SLE diag usually means a lifetime of insurance hell... I sent a message to her asking about this and suddenly I have an appointment in less time than I can get my house cleaned. I have already seen my GP and started on a 10 day dose of 30MG predisone.

I understand SLE is difficult to diagnose but sh&^% or get off the pot, right? If the treatment works and you're scared of prematurely diagnosing your pateint with SLE - then put the right effin diagnosis on the sheet - don't be like some OBGYN's and send the pap smear results home with the diagnosis of "Possible Cancer" on a freakin Friday an then tell her that her pap was normal on Monday...

/end rant.. whoo! My steriods are kickin in !
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