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this may sound a little weird but I am a little worried. I have a 2nd opinion appointment with a new rheumy on the 2nd and right now I am feeling soooooooooo good, that I am barely showing any flare signs. Ankle swelling, gone. Stomach has been good. Psoriasis on eyelids cured with the FML. Random rash on legs just a mere scar now. Cheeks noticeably less red lately. Energy level is up. Joints are feeling good enough to go dancing and walking again. *sigh* I realize that this is actually what I want in the long run - to feel like a "normal" healthy human being - but when I am going to the doc I would really like to look sick. I always feel like they are going to label me with Hypochondia or Munchousen Syndrom or something psychological like that when I feel better at doctor time. Thank God that I have learned to snap a photo of my symptoms when they are bad. A picture is worth a thousands words! The docs are always surprised when I whip them out but also grateful that I have a photo reference. I know this is a ridiculous worry but I had to share.
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  1. Lala's Avatar
    I know exactly how you feel, good idea about the photo, I am going to do do this also. I also am doing good right now. I am glad you are feeling pretty well right now.
  2. SandyR's Avatar
    thanks, Lala! I really think the photos are whats saved me from being labeled a hypochondriac. It's always funny to see the dr's face when you whip out the pics. They are so surprised that I can show them exactly what I am referring to and ALWAYS say, "You took a picture? Why?" I'm like, duh! So doctors like you will learn to listen to "normal looking" sickies like me!
  3. crmj1183's Avatar
    I know exactly how you feel when you say u feel better one day and then bad the next.... That's also th e story of my life. I dont know how long agp you wee diagnosed with Lupus but I understand you said you were going to get a second opinion. I f it does come back that you do have it Lupus goes into remission, There are times when years go by and I dont have flares. Hang in there it gets better.
  4. Lala's Avatar
    Last time I saw him, I was feeling pretty good. He is a good Doctor, of course all my tests came back in a normal range. He said that He definitely believes I have lupus, possibly with some other autoimmune disease. Other than migraine headaches I have been good for few weeks now so I am crossing my fingers. I know that I will feel sick at any time, so I am enjoying the break from the pain and the fatigue.